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Members of An Chomhdháil

Member shall mean an individual who, having the required qualifications has applied for, and been duly admitted in accordance with the Articles of Association of An Chomhdháil, to membership thereof.

Members of An Chomhdháil are as follows:

  • Fully qualified teachers holding Teastais de Comhdháil na Rince Gaelacha (TCRG) or an equivalent Teastais De Coimision na Rince Gaelacha.
  • Adjudicators holding Ard Diploma na Comhdháil na Rince Gaelacha (ADCRG) or equivalent Ard Diploma an Coimisuin na Rince Gaelacha.
  • Holders of MRG certificate (Muinteoir Rince Gaelacha).
  • Associate members who have been granted temporary membership.

Each member must be affiliated to a branch.

There are 28 branches:

Americas (Branch of the), Australia, Belfast, Belfast Regional, Belgium, Channel Islands, Connaught, Cork, Derry/Donegal, Dublin, East European Slovakia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Laois, London & Home Counties, Midlands, Mid-Ulster, Newry, Scotland, South Derry/South West Antrim, South Leinster, Southern England Region, UAE, USA, Waterford, West Tyrone, Wicklow.

It is the purpose and business of each branch to foster, encourage and promote at a local level the art and practice of Irish Dancing and to protect, defend and improve the rights and conditions of its members.

Executive of An Chomhdháil

Each branch is entitled to a number of delegates on the Executive dependant upon the number of members within the branch. These delegates are elected at the branch Branch Annual General Meeting.

The number of delegates that a branch may appoint to the Executive shall be in accordance with the following scale:

  • Under 15 members - 1 delegate
  • 16 - 30 members - 2 delegates
  • 31 -45 members - 3 delegates
  • and so on.

The delegate is entitled to represent their branch at Executive meetings and is also eligible for nomination as an Officer of the Executive at the Company Annual General Meeting.

The mandate for the Executive runs from the end of the Company Annual General Meeting, immediately following the election of its members, to the end of the next succeeding Company Annual General Meeting.

Delegates are elected to the following positions:

President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, PRO (Public Relations Officer), Feis Registrar, Website Administrator and Trophy Administrator.

The primary purpose and duty of the Executive is to execute and carry into effect the policies of the Company Annual General Meeting and to administer the affairs of An Chomhdháil.

The Executive is also responsible for the following:

  • The organisation of Company Annual General Meeting.
  • Examinations in respect of Teachers and Adjudicators of Irish Dancing.
  • Promoting/holding competitions of Irish Dancing & providing prizes/awards for same.
  • Promoting/holding An Chomhdháil World Irish Dance Championships.
  • Providing prizes/awards for An Chomhdháil World Irish Dance Championships.
  • Election of Adjudicators to preside at An Chomhdháil World Irish Dance Championships.

An Chomhdháil Company Annual General Meeting

The Company Annual General Meeting is the supreme governing body of An Chomhdháil and is made up of each member of the organisation. It generally takes place over a weekend in mid summer and is staged by different branches. In advance of the Company Annual General Meeting, each branch submits motions for discussion. The Motions are primarily concerned with the Company's Articles of Association and Rules.

The Company Annual General Meeting is presided over by the Executive as their last duty of their year in office. New officers of the Executive will then be appointed by the branch delegates present. A graduation dinner and ceili dance takes place over the weekend to present those who have qualified as teachers and adjudicators that year with their diplomas.